Posh Tip: Get Ideas for Listings by Checking Out Posh Parties!

Finding that first item to list may be the biggest challenge you’ll come across when using Poshmark, but trust us when we say that it’s a hurdle you’ll cross in no time (and with very little effort!). Check out our daily Posh Parties and what our amazing community is selling to get inspiration on what you can list.

Branded Posh Parties. Our first Posh Party every day is focused on a particular set of designers, which vary from day to day. Check out what designer parties are coming up by clicking on the ‘Parties’ tab in the app. Then, open your closet and find those brand-name goodies you love, but no longer wear, and list away!

Category-specific Posh Parties. Another way to browse your closet for pieces to sell is by using our category-themed Posh Parties to help you organize what you’re planning to list. Know that a jewelry and…

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Posh Tip: Shop the Best Items First!

The secret to finding the best items on Poshmark is to find your stylemate!

A stylemate is someone who shares your fashion taste (and your size). Everyone’s got them! Here’s how you can find yours:


1. Follow People.

Your feed is an ever-changing collection of listings shared by the people you are following. A new user’s listing will show up in your feed if someone you are following thought this listing was awesome and wanted to share it with you.

If you like what you see, click through and follow them! This way, every time they add a new listing from their closet, you’ll see it pop up in your feed.  Score!


2. Bookmark Your Likes.

As you are shopping on Poshmark, go ahead and “like” items you want to come back to later (and possibly buy!). All your likes will be saved in your “My Likes” collection.


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The Posh Glossary: Common Abbreviations and Phrases.

Below are common abbreviations and phrases found on Poshmark:

  1. Poshmarker / Posher / Poshaholic: A member of the Poshmark community. She most-likely has an addiction and/or obsession to Poshmark, opening the app and attending Posh Parties multiple times a day.
  2. Feed: Your Feed is the first tab in the Poshmark app that allows you to see the activity for the people you follow, including new listings and listings they share. You can also access ‘My Likes’ and ‘Search’ directly from the Feed.
  3. Following: Following another person on Poshmark means that you love their style and want to see their new listings, as well as the listings they share on your main Feed. To follow someone, click the blue ‘Follow’ button at the top-right hand corner of a closet. You can keep track of who you’re following at the top of your Poshmark closet.
  4. Followers: Followers are the people on Poshmark…

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Shop Your Favorite Brands on Poshmark!

Did you know that you can shop all of your favorite brands on Poshmark? That’s right – Poshmark is your one-stop shop for amazing products at even more amazing prices (and you don’t even have to leave your house)!

To search for items by a specific brand:

  1. Click the “Search” tab at the top-right of your main Feed.
  2. Scroll down and either select one of the brands highlighted or click on ‘All Brands’ to find exactly the brand you’re looking for.

Filter the search results even further to find products by the brand in a specific category, your sizes, price range, and new with tags. Simply click the ‘Filter’ button on the top right-hand corner and select what you’d like to see. To view the new results, click on the ‘Back’ button.

Search. Find. Shop. All in the palm of your hand.

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Posh Tip: Increase Your Followers, Increase Your Sales

Poshmark connects stylemates from across the country. The more stylemates you have, the higher the chances are that you will sell items from your closet. That’s why growing your following count is important. Here are some of our simple tips on how you can grow your Poshmark network:

Tip 1: Search to find others like you. Use Poshmark’s search functionality and ‘My Size’ feature to find listings that are exactly your size. When you spot something you like, click through and check out the rest of the closet. You’ll come across plenty of stylemates who will also love to shop your closet, so follow and begin engaging with them!

Tip 2: Share Posh Love. Come across something that you like and you think others will like as well? Share it! Trust us when we say that the shares you help spread will get returned, which can result in new followers…

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Learn How Women Just Like You Earn Big on Poshmark!

Women across the country are making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month right NOW. The best part? They’re doing it all through Poshmark! Read on to get inspired by three real – and very different – Poshmarkers.

Case Study #1: A 20-something southern California Poshmarker fell in love with how easy the entire selling process is on Poshmark and in just four months, she has been able to sell over $15,000 worth of merchandise. Poshmark has given her the opportunity to make money (and have fun doing so), while being a stay-at-home mom to her young daughter.

Case Study #2: This 47-year old Texan makes $150-$200 a month on Poshmark selling clothes that don’t fit or that she no longer has interest in wearing. She loves that Poshmark gives her the opportunity to get prices for her items that she normally wouldn’t get at consignment stores.


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